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IKEF is an international organization made up of ships organized into Fleets and further organized into Sectors. The military style of this organization includes rank and honorific structures, as well as awards programs in order to reward those individuals whose involvement and contribution can easily be recognized.

The organization is based on mutual respect and communication but most of all, FUN! While many similar organizations take the attitude that their members serve the organization, IKEF realizes that an organization without members is not an organization at all and therefore takes the attitude that the organization exists solely to serve the members.

This brings Honor and Glory to the organization through the Honor and Glory of the individual Warriors that are a part of it. The High Council are a long-standing, highly respected, experienced members of the Klingon fan community and leads the Imperial Klingon Expeditionary Forces. Being part of the High Council is an Honor.

The High Council rarely issues edicts or orders but rather serves as a central communications base, and more importantly, as a sounding board for new ideas and different ways of doing things within the organization. Battle Council member are always available to the membership for advice and simple discussion of ideas.

The High Council's first and foremost responsibility is to insure that you, the individual Warrior have the opportunity to have FUN! There is a lot more to see, do, and learn. We have a proud history of maintaining a Klingon, kids, and community service record, in that we sponsor many drives and appearances for local children's organizations, as well as many other community service related activities. But are we all work and no play? No way! After all, our motto is, "to have fun".












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