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Klin GIk'tal Kyamo

This February is's "Klingon Love Month" and we're celebrating with our first "Klin Gik'tal Kyamo" (Klingon Combat of Attraction). We are asking all earth-based Klingons to submit their photos. This contest is open to both males and females, and contestants will be judged by our special guest Robert "Bob" O'Reilly (Chancellor Gowron from TNG and DS9). The winning contestant will win A Limited Edition Signature Series Mek'leth exclusively from and personally autographed by Michael Dorn. For rules and more information:

Klingons in New York City

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Greetings Great Warriors! The Product Development Department of CBS contacted us and asked us if we would come and attend their free High Definition DVD player give away at the Virgin Records Megastore in Times Square New York City. They said they want to make an effort to reach out to the fans and they wanted us to walk up to the store and do some PR and promote the sale. Obviously, this was an awesome chance to promote trek and show one of the biggest cities real flesh and blood Klingons so this challenge was accepted. Joining me in this glorious mission was Lieutenant General K'nocrod zantaI-Tumid our Marine Commandant and acting CFO, our Battle Group Ohio Commander Major Ria Qugh vestaI-Tumid and K'lana and Vul'ma Tumid from the IKV K'mpec in Columbus.

Monday: Klingons on the Hudson! The 5 of us arrived in New York City within 10 hours on Monday evening where we checked out the sites and prepared for our mission. We spoke to Raji Aiyer our contact person from CBS once we got to our room and planned to meet them at 8:30am tuesday at the Virgin Records store.

Tuesday: Klingons in Times Square! We got up at 5am got our make up on and our uniforms and rode the ferry across the Hudson over to the dock where we grabbed a cab and headed for the store. We arrived at 8:20am at a corner across from the store where we walked up the street (as we planned to do per request) as we approached there were people in line at the store and people all around saying "wow" and "oh my God" every eye that could see us was on us and they knew exactly what characters we were portraying - Klingons! While we were mingling with the people in line we met with several different photographers then Raji introduced herself and her assistant Pam and then we went to work. Virgin records said the deal is if they buy the Star Trek DVD they get a HD DVD player with it free. They had 150 players to give away with the DVD's and in the first hour we got rid of 53 and when we left almost 75 were gone. There was this young boy between 7 and 10 years old that walked up, stuck his chest out did the proper Klingon salute and said "Qapla" we stood in amazement and said Qapla' and let him fire one of our disruptor pistols. As the event concluded at the store we walked on down the street and peeked in on Good Morning America and stopped at several shops and had breakfast at McDonalds. Everywhere we went people were very nice and really got into what we were doing lots of pictures were taken. The Klingons were well received in NYC and we hope this will lead to other events and appearances in the future. CBS gave us a wonderful opportunity for exposure and to promote Star Trek. Before signing off I want to give a big "All Hail" to Fleet Captain Martok for designing the new headpieces used by the Marine Commandant and the K'mpec crew, your contribution improved their look and enabled us to enjoy the event with even more confidence, if you need a headpiece you might want to get with Fleet Captain Martok at: he does fabulous work! And to the great warriors of the K'mpec and the Marine Commandant I salute and thank all of you for helping me to make this mission a success, without you guys it could not have been possible. Well done great warriors, well done!!! Qapla' Thought Admiral Zarcon epetaI-Ta'raQ

The Klingon Summer Games

The 3rd Fleet was represented well by the Lt. Commander Arizhel vestai-Reshtarc, Admiral K'Taj zantaI Kpel and his mate Captain Vekma sutaI H'TimS Kpel we were part of the IKV Hand of Kahless the most diverse Team there and we helped in winning the Elite Unit Citation of the Year award. the team we were part of was made up of 4 different klingon groups working together. They were Klaw,TE,The Library and IKEF. This just goes to prove we can all work together if we try. Maybe this can lead to the different Klingon groups uniting to work on other projects down the road.

The Klingon Feast

3rd Fleet beamed in 3 Warriors to attend this event this year. Next year I would like to see more from the 3rd Fleet attend this event. It will be celebrating it's 10 year mark next year and will be held in Dayatona Beach Flordia at the same location as this year. I would like to see more of our Warriors in the Warrior contest next year and show them what our Warriors are made of.

Indiana Mayor Becomes Honorary Klingon!

On August 19th of 2006 Marion Indiana local Klingons descended upon their city building where they performed a ceremony making their local Mayor an Honorary Klingon. The Officers of the Indiana Battle group came in full dress uniform and boldly, but tastefully declared their intent to show appeciation to their Mayor who the Klingons say has done alot for their town. Battle Group Indiana also announced to the local media of the existence of the IKEF in their area and their recruitment drive for the 40th anniversary of Star Trek. Well Done to the Indiana Klingons for their drive and initiative in bonding with their community. (picture of the ceremony in the members area)

The Spplat Attack 2

IKEF members took part in this years Spplat Attack 2. This event was held over Labor Day weekend at the EMR field in New Milford, PA. Bill's Cavalry Team was victorious. The final score was 1,666 for the Cavalry/Posse which was Bill and Mancow's team versus 1,195 for the Raiders/Cyborg team headed by Tom Kaye and Glenn Palmer. Jane Singer, co-President of the William Shatner Fan Club, has posted an article on her experience at the event. Jane is a veteran of Spplat Attack having attended last year's inaugural event. You can read the article and see the great accompanying photos she took here.




Jaycees Haunted House in East Liverpool

TARG members added to the ranks of the East Liverpool Jaycees on Sat. Oct. 4th from 7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. and had a wonderfull time scaring the pants off all those who dared enter.

Attending were:

Liz Keeder-Maj.B'Tai...Acting C/O
John Tunanidas-Maj.K'Tar...Acting X/O
Rob Coulter-Maj.T'Konom Gha'ves...Chief Engineer
Tina Hood-Lt.Ises TaChookma...Covert Ops.
Cherie Tunanidas-Lt.Sharee...Field Ops.
Tommy Wyatt-Club founder...Administration.Lenny McRoberts-Club founder...Acting Security Chief

Lizzy & Tina worked the "Hell Room", Cherie worked the "Canibal Club Room",Lenny & Johnny were "Hallway Horrors" and Rob & Tommy worked "Crowed Control". Lenny & Tina will continue to work the Haunted House every weekend until Halloween and they have asked us back in force on Saturday, Oct 18th.

 Klingon Explosion in the U.K.

Every now and then there are a group of warriors that really do tremendous things. The Warriors of IKEF U.K. are such Warriors! They have achieved the ultimate IKEF goal, uniting together and doing great things that reshape the Klingon Empire! With the redesign of the IKEF Website and the creation of the IKEF Forum, QomaSS - the Commander of the IKV Qong DIj has changed the face of IKEF!

Aboard the IKV Fek'lhr, we have K'val Sol'rac (Keith Batts) who is promoting the Aurora Convention in London in March 2004 check out AuroraCon at: as far as activities go, there is no greater glory than that of promoting one's own convention. To this day, promoting a convention is known as one of the ultimate achievements of a ship or group. Given a voice on the Battle Council, Commander Kronlath sutai-Mar'taH has forged hard work and communication for IKEF and with the support of great ships such as the IKV veS'puq commanded by 2ndLt.

K'elvor tai-Tuq'mar (Kelvyn Cruddace) and the IKV Klaa under the command of Kurn Sa'cul (Stu Lucas) IKEF U.K. is one of the most powerful Battle Groups in IKEF today! Glory to IKEF U.K. !!!!!!!!!!!!! All of you should be very proud of what you have accomplished - and we want you and the rest of the Galaxy to know that we recognize it and reward you for it!





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