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The IKEF is a non-profit making Star Trek fan organization created for those who wanted greater freedom by taking the best and worst of organized fandom and creating an experience like no other, we portray the Klingon Empire side of the Gene Roddenberry universe; our mission is to provide a group wherein people can sample Klingon values such as Honor, Strength, and Loyalty!

IKEF is an international organization that is supported by a large number of fan clubs, called groups, located in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia and South America. Each of these groups is an autonomous fan club with specific meeting locations.

There is likely to be a Klingon group near you, so if you want to pop along and see what it is like, then feel free to do so. At these meetings, you can participate in a number of Star Trek and Klingon related activities, including quizzes, videos and competitions. They also provide a good opportunity to meet new friends, and like-minded individuals.

If you find that there is no Klingon Group near you the IKEF can help you start up our own, please contact us for details.

What is the Klingon Empire

The Klingon Empire was founded about 1,000 years ago by the legendary "Kahless The Unforgettable". Before this time, Klingon were a savage and warring race split into many different opposing factions, but Kahless united these clans to form the now legendary Klingon Empire.

The entire Empire is ruled by the High Council, who are situated in the Great Hall, in the planet's capital city, known as the First City. Strictly speaking, as an Empire, it should be ruled by an Emperor, but there has not been one for centuries and the real power lies in the High Council itself. The Great Hall serves as effectively neutral ground between the many feuding political parties within the Empire.

Who are Klingons

Physically, the Klingon are a most imposing race of beings. Males and females have a much greater muscle mass than most humanoids. They also grow taller and faster than Humans. Their most striking feature is the ridged forehead that adorns their skull. Only seen in genetically pure Klingon, the cranial pattern, like the human fingerprint, is unique to each individual.

The Klingon were first encountered by Human explorers in 2218, and the meeting was disastrous. The Humans mistook the Klingon naturally aggressive attitude literally and there followed decades of conflict. At the time, Humans and many other races did not understand the Klingon ways, and they were naturally viewed as being a domineering, blood thirsty culture. In many respects, this is not far from the truth, but Klingon are not mindlessly violent. Klingon are a warrior race - proud and aggressive, and they have a very deep sense of tradition and honor. Their military is amongst the strongest in the Alpha quadrant. They have been warriors for Centuries, and this has made them a race to be feared and respected. The Klingon' culture is very similar to Earth's ancient Samurai, who followed very similar conducts of honor and tradition.

For many years after they were first encountered, the true appearance of Klingon was not known. The Klingon originally encountered along Federation borders were a Human/Klingon fusion designed to make infiltration easier. When a distress signal was received from a Klingon warship under attack by V'Ger, the true appearance of Imperial Klingon was discovered, and the level of Klingon genetic engineering amazed Federation scientists.

Skirmishes and conflicts continued between the Federation and the Klingon Empire for years until 2293, when a Klingon moon called Praxis was destroyed. Praxis was the Klingon's key energy facility, and it's loss had a detrimental effect on Klingon politics and economics. With their major energy output facility gone, the Klingon Empire could no longer afford to keep it's economy together. The destruction of the moon also caused the oxygen in the atmosphere of Qo'Nos to deplete rapidly, meaning that the planet itself would only be capable of supporting life for approximately 50 more years. Realizing their hopeless situation, the leader of the Klingon High Council for the time, Chancellor Gorkon, initiated a historic peace deal between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.

Despite many attempts to unbalance the peace talks, resulting in the death of Chancellor Gorkon himself, the peace deal went ahead and was successful. Now the two greatest space fleets in the Alpha Quadrant were no longer enemies, more energy and resources could be put into furthering mankind's projects of exploration, while at the same time helping to rebuild the Klingon economy.

Decades of peace have since followed with only minor upsets to the co-operation that exists between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. On numerous space missions, the Klingon Empire has proven time and again to be a most valuable ally, and although Federation and Klingon crews still only serve within their respective fleets, it is hoped that one day the Klingon Empire and the Federation fleets will unify into one space fleet.






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